EuroMAX Jet Hand Dryer Silver Coated ABS Chrome Frame

EuroMAX Jet Hand Dryer Silver Coated ABS Chrome Frame

HD 8666 SC
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Silver / Chrome Coated ABS Euromax, one of the most advanced hand dryers in the world, packs all the features of the most advanced hand dryers in the world in a compact and most attractively designed hand dryer. With dual wave air outlet for faster dry & lower noise levels intended for medium to high traffic areas, offices, pubs, clubs, social venues, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, sports centres cinemas, airports, hospitals among many others.

Euromax omits a blue light when on stand-by and a green light when in use, welcoming features and perfect for low lit washrooms.
Constructed from anti-bacterial and fire retardant ABS impact-resistant plastic, the Euromax dries hands in 7-10 seconds, saving over 70% of energy and waiting time, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Euromax incorporates the latest high-grade HEPA filter technology, slick, slim and modern design with a striking two-tone finish, silver with chrome side panels or silver with chrome side panels.

Euromax air outlets scrap excess water off your hands and push the water into the water collection try, keeping your floors clean and safe.
Euromax runs on a brushless long-life motor, designed for the most massive traffic and high capacity usage.


  • Operation: electronic automatic infra-red self-adjusting sensor
  • Double HEPA filters
  • Drain tank with level window to collect excess water.
  • Approximate drying time: 7-10 Seconds

    Technical Specifications

    • DC digital brushless motor with life span 7-10 years
    • 2.1 mm Thick anti-bacterial fire-retardant ABS plastic
    • 220 V / 50-60 HZ
    • Australian Power Plug (AS/NZS 3112)
    • Motor: 22000 r.p.m. & 700 W Power
    • Total Electrical Power: 1650 W
    • Stand-by Power: 0.5 W
    • Airspeed: 381 Km/h
    • Airflow: 2500l/min
    • Air temperature: 20-40 ºC at 10 cm
    • Sounds level: 70 dBA
    • Hidden switch for high / low airspeed
    • Hidden switch for intelligent heat on/off
    • 30 seconds auto shut off
    • Isolations: CLASS 1
    • Drip Proof: IPX4
    • Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 210 mm
    • Unit weight: 9 Kg
    • Warranty: 2-5 Years (Labor-Part)