4 Reasons You Should Choose MaxDry Hand Dryers For Your Business

maxdry hand dryers

If you’re looking to equip your business’ or facility’s public washroom with hand dryers, you’ll be surprised by the variety of different types you’ll find in the market. Once you begin comparing hand dryer specifications such as style, color, temperature, strength and so on, you may be left at a standstill to make a single decision. MaxDry is based in Australia and specializes in professional Airwork and offers a wide range of hand dryers to suit the needs of any public washroom. We’ll look through the different options of hand dryers that you can find at MaxDry and which one best fits your current needs and expectations.

1. Cost-efficient Hand Dryers

Some people may hold their breath in anticipation of a high price tag when the thought of equipping a facility with hand dryers comes along. In reality, whether you are replacing old hand dryers, switching from paper to automatic, or stocking a completely new establishment with hand dryers, it does not have to be a costly ordeal. In fact, you can find MaxDry hand dryers anywhere starting from only $150-200. While models in a higher price range are equipped with more innovative features, we find it important to provide a quality experience for each price range. This being said, MaxDry’s online shop is constantly updated with new offers and reduced prices across all items. It’s without a doubt that you will find a favorable hand dryer within your price range from MaxDry. 

2. Hand Dryers for Varying Traffic

When narrowing down your options, it’s best to understand what hand dryer specifications you need for your given washroom. One thing to consider, for example, is whether you want to opt for a single or dual outlet hand dryer. With a dual model, two people can dry their hands at once with ease. This is more recommended if you plan on installing a hand dryer in a high traffic washroom such as for offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels, airports, and many others. Another specification to consider is speed. Quicker drying models will allow users to dry their hands in mere seconds and move along, decreasing the likelihood of masses piling up in the washroom waiting for their turn. In the case of the low-traffic locations, you may opt for a relatively slower drying model if this fits better within your price range.

3. Environmentally Friendly Hand Dryers

The long-lived debate between paper towels and automatic hand dryers used in public washrooms exists to this day. Choosing MaxDry hand dryers means you are choosing in favor of the environment. Did you know that thousands of trees are cut and processed to make paper towels each year? And most of them are not recycled after use either. Opting for automatic hand dryers is already one step in the right direction of being more eco-conscious in our decisions. Additionally, MaxDry hand dryers have a lower carbon footprint on the highest speed range than paper towels thanks to their cutting edge design. No need to clean up clumped up pieces of used paper towels from the floors that didn’t make it in the bin anymore: opt for a sustainable and effective alternative.

4. Hygienic Hand Dryers 

Similar to the previous matter, many often question if hand dryers are sanitary or hygienic. Researchers have found conflicting results regarding the emission of germs through the gusts of air blown from the dryer. However, studies also claim that the amount of germs present on the hand after washing with soap then drying with a warm-air hand dryer are not sufficient enough to be harmful to health or deemed unhygienic. Either way, to put your worries to rest, you can always opt for more innovative models of MaxDry hand dryers which collect the droplets of water from the hands in a dedicated socket. This, in its turn, minimizes the emission of air waves outside of the socket, while also avoiding water to collect on the floor underneath. Furthermore, hand dryer models such as the EuroMAX Premium also have leading class features such as our UV Sterilization.

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