Review 2022 – EconoMAX Conventional Hand Dryer - White Coated ABS

Hand dryers are in every public washroom but we don’t pay much attention to them until the time comes that we need to purchase them for our facility or business. Want a durable, reliable, and cost-effective hand dryer without spending a fortune, it’s certainly possible! All you need is an accurate review to determine which model fits your criteria from the thousands of options available in the market. 

Today we’re taking a look at the MaxDry EconoMAX conventional hand dryer in white-coated ABS.


This hand dryer model is one of MaxDry’s most cost-effective models that doesn’t fall behind on modern design and features. It is equipped with an automatic no-touch sensor that immediately shuts off once hands are removed from under the dryer. There isn’t any button required for operation, minimizing contact with the product and increasing hand hygiene in public spaces. 


The EconoMAX conventional hand dryer in white-coated ABS is certainly a budget-friendly choice, at the lower end of the price spectrum — under $200! If you want to purchase multiple hand dryers to stock up an entire facility’s worth of washrooms, then this is certainly a cost-effective way to do so without spending close to $1000 on a single hand dryer. 

Drying Speed

Because of the heating ingredient that must be engaged, conventional hand dryers have slower drying periods. That agent is absent in high-speed hand dryers, which encourage faster drying but make a louder noise. The EconoMAX is a much faster-drying traditional hand dryer that ensures completely dry hands in 20 seconds or less. Due to model specifications, the majority of conventional hand dryers will dry hands completely in around 25-30 seconds. 

Noise Scale

This model has a noise level of 72 dBA, which is lower than the noise level of typical hand dryers. The majority of hand dryers run at 85 decibels or less, with some even reaching 100 decibels. As a result, the EconoMAX is a low-noise choice.


Hand dryers in the EconoMAX line are vandal-proof but only stainless steel models. This model made of ABS is reliable but not extremely durable or vandal-proof like its stainless steel alternatives. This is one of the reasons it is also more affordable than the stainless steel model of the same kind. If you are looking for a better deal and vandal-proof quality is not a mandatory criterion for you, then this model will suit your needs entirely. Despite this, the EconoMAX is equipped with a fire-retardant shell. 

Best Used

Conventional hand dryers are optimal for all public washrooms with low to medium traffic. With that in mind, the best public facilities to install this hand dryer are the following:

  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Small to medium traffic offices
  • Bars, pubs, grill houses
  • Cafes
  • Medical clinics
  • And more!

Happy shopping!

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