Everything You Need to Know About Humidity in Your Home

You need to know about the humidity in your home to provide a comfortable and healthy environment. What does humidity mean? It’s the water vapour in the air. This vapour can influence your home and home condition as well. This guide covers everything from the basics of home humidity levels to advanced indoor humidity control strategies, including the use of high-speed hand dryers, dehumidifiers, and more.

Understanding Home Humidity Levels

First off, the atmosphere of our home air matters more than we might think. Maintaining the ideal indoor humidity range of 30-50% is crucial for creating a comfortable and healthy living environment. Go above or below, and you're inviting a bunch of unwelcome guests: mould, mildew, dry skin, you name it. 

High humidity causes mould development and wet spots on your walls and ceilings, window condensation and odours as well. While, low humidity affects your skin making it dry, irritating the respiratory tract, and making you more likely to get colds. 

Mould prevention is connected to the humidity level. Keeping the oxygen level low is one of the most important things you can do to stop mould from growing. For example, you should fix any leaks right away, use exit fans in areas with a lot of wetness, and make sure your home has enough airflow.

Humidity Measurement Devices

To monitor the humidity situation, incorporating humidity measurement devices into your home toolkit is a game-changer.

Hygrometers, for instance, are not just gadgets, they're your frontline in detecting and managing humidity levels, allowing for timely adjustments to ensure your indoor environment remains within that ideal humidity haven. This lets us make those very important changes that will keep our living place healthy and comfortable.

The hygrometers of today are very simple to use. A lot of them have computer screens that make it easy to read the humidity levels. Some hygrometers even let us check the humidity levels in our homes right from our phones or computers thanks to features like wifi connection. We can check the air quality inside our homes no matter where we are, even when we're not there.

By using a hygrometer as part of our home care practice, we're controlling the air quality inside our home. It has to do with being proactive instead of reacting. 

Indoor Humidity Control Strategies

Here's the deal: managing moisture in our air is key. Controlling indoor humidity means keeping the wetness levels in the air within the right range of levels for indoor humidity. As we said, high humidity effects are the development of mould, mildew, bad odour, and dampness, damaging your walls, ceiling, and wood structures. While asthma and allergy symptoms can be health causes. While causes of low humidity include dry skin and hair and susceptibility to colds. 

Some things that can help with this are dehumidifiers for damp places (basements and bathrooms) or during wet times, and humidifiers for dry times. High-speed hand fans in bathrooms can also help lower the amount of wetness in the air, which is another way to control the humidity inside. Let’s check each humidity controller:

1. Dehumidifiers for Home

In the battle against high humidity, dehumidifiers emerge as heroes. Especially critical in areas prone to dampness, these devices work tirelessly to suck excess moisture out of the air, making environments less hospitable to mould growth and reducing allergens. Choosing the right dehumidifier — considering the size of the space and the specific humidity challenges it faces — and keeping it well-maintained are key steps in leveraging this tool effectively.

2. Humidifiers for Home

In our search for the right indoor temperature, humidifiers and indoor plants are two helpful tools that should be highlighted. Every one of them helps us find the right mix of air in our homes in its own way. 

  • Humidifiers: Humidifiers help right away when the air in our homes gets too dry, especially during the cold winter months. They bring back important wetness to the air, which makes our homes healthy and more comfy. By keeping the humidity level just right, humidifiers help with dry skin, itchy eyes, ears, and throats, and they can even make it less likely that you'll get the flu or a cold. 
  • Plants Inside: A process called evaporation helps many indoor plants raise the humidity naturally. They are natural humidifiers because they release water into the air. This not only helps keep the temperature level inside stable, but it also brings a bit of nature into our houses.


3. High-Speed Hand Dryers

High-speed hand dryers are equipped with powerful motors that generate a forceful stream of air, creating a controlled airflow that propels moisture away. These efficiently dry hands in seconds, significantly reducing excess moisture in areas like bathrooms. Beyond their moisture-control role, they're energy-efficient, cost-effective, and promote hygiene by minimizing the need for communal towels. 

When integrated into our homes, alongside humidifiers, indoor plants, and humidity measurement devices like hygrometers, high-speed hand dryers contribute to a comprehensive strategy for maintaining optimal indoor humidity levels while supporting comfort, health, energy efficiency, and cleanliness.

How to Balance Home Humidity

Let’s summarize how to balance home humidity:

  • Use dehumidifiers and humidifiers as needed.
  • Ensure proper ventilation throughout your home.
  • Regularly monitor humidity levels with measurement devices.
  • Adjust your strategies with seasonal changes to maintain the ideal indoor humidity range.

By understanding and implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your home remains a comfortable, healthy environment for everyone. Regular monitoring and adjustments to your home's humidity levels are key to protecting your health and your home's integrity.

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