Review 2021 – DailyMAX Conventional Hand Dryer

There are a lot of hand dryers in the market for facility owners to choose from, even merely on a local level. Do you opt for conventional hand dryers or energy-efficient hand dryers in Australia? Let’s make your decision just a bit easier with this detailed hand dryer review of our DailyMAX Conventional Hand Dryer


As the name suggests, this DailyMAX model is a conventional hand dryer which means it runs with warm air. Specifically, it reaches 45 ºC at a 10 cm distance with a corresponding drying time of 20 seconds. This model is brushed with stainless steel and is available in an array of neutral colours. 

Some noteworthy features of this hand dryer model are: 

  • Electronic automatic infra-red sensor
  • ABS Fire Retardant Plastic Shell
  • Advanced safety features
  • LED Operation light indicator


This model is exceptionally cost-effective for the features and quality provided. Not to mention the opportunity to buy now and pay later, making it an ideal budget-friendly choice if you are looking to stock multiple restrooms with hand dryers. If you don’t have the financial means to stock up on multiple energy-efficient hand dryers in the $1000+ dollar range, then this is a model worth considering. 

Drying Speed 

Considering this model is not a high-speed or energy-efficient hand dryer, the airspeed is 25 meters/second. That leads to an average drying time of 20-25 seconds which is standard for conventional models. 

Noise Scale

The DailyMAX hand dryer only produces 65 decibels of noise upon use, making it a frontrunner in terms of quiet operation. Most models have a decibel rate of 70-75 and are still considered quiet models. The DailyMAX is considerably lower than that range, allowing for quiet operation even after consecutive use. 


The majority of conventional hand dryers are not energy efficient and this is the only shortcoming we found in this model. However, not everyone is in the market for an energy-efficient hand dryer due to their higher price point. If you are looking for an energy-efficient hand dryer you will have to look at MaxDry’s line of energy-efficient hand dryers, available in both conventional and high-speed models. 


Not all hand dryer models have a strong enough outer shell to be deemed vandal-proof. However, the DailyMAX stainless steel brushed model has a thick 1.2mm casing that is exceptionally durable. That makes this model efficient for washrooms in schools, whether it’s for high schools to universities. There won’t be a need for frequent maintenance due to negligent use and you’ll certainly get the most out of your investment from that. 

Best Used

Like most conventional hand dryers, the DailyMAX is best used in low-traffic areas due to its lower drying time and speed. That does not severely limit your options for facilities where it will be optimal to use, though. 

We believe the DailyMAX Conventional Hand Dryer is best used in washrooms for:

  • Schools
  • Service stations
  • Medical clinics
  • Small restaurants and bistros
  • Bars

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