Review 2022 – SpaceMAX High-Speed Horizontal Hand Dryer - Brushed Stainless Steel (Satin)

High-speed hand dryers are a favorite for business owners or anyone stocking their public washrooms. But there are hundreds of thousands of options out there. How do you know which one is best suits your facility? It’s not wise to just pick the first one you find as you’ll see in a moment once we break down all of the important features, specifications, and characteristics of a hand dryer. 

In today’s review, we’re taking a closer look at the SpaceMAX High-Speed Hand Dryer. Let’s dive right in. 


The SpaceMAX High-Speed Horizontal Hand Dryer in Brushed Stainless Steel (Satin) stands out with its horizontal, thin shape that allows it to easily fit in even the tightest of washrooms. This design choice is optimal for smaller sized washrooms. Additional features of the SpaceMAX include its LED operation light indicator, advanced safety features, and its internal UV Sterilization (self-cleaning) mechanism. 


The SpaceMAX is a very cost-effective choice considering the average cost of a hand dryer is ~$300-400 per piece with models from notable brands selling for double that price. In the case that you are stocking multiple public washrooms and need a dedicated hand dryer for each one, then the SpaceMAX is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t fall short of other models of its kind. 

Drying Speed

The average drying time with this model falls in the range of 8-12 seconds which is optimal for a high-speed hand drying model. Be certain that the hands will go from damp to dry within that time frame (considerably quicker than conventional hand dryers that dry hands in 15-20 seconds).

Noise Scale

Considering the SpaceMAX is a high-speed hand dryer, you must anticipate a higher noise level than, let’s say, a conventional hand dryer. Because of the lack of heating agent, a high-speed hand dryer needs more force to quickly dry the hands. This model has a noise level of 72 dBA which is relatively higher than the quietest types of hand dryers, but nonetheless doesn’t reach uncomfortable limits like others may. 

Vandal Proof

This model is from the line of vandal-proof hand dryers by MaxDry. With its extra thick ( stainless steel one-piece casing, you can expect that the dryer will endure anything and everything is thrown its way before becoming damaged. This is an important trait because you don’t want your money going down the drain because of hand dryer placement in a high-traffic area such as a school where external threats to the product are inevitably present. In general, it’s best to look at hand dryers with a stainless steel casing to ensure durability and longevity of use. 

Best Used

  • Special-needs washrooms
  • Schools and universities
  • Bars
  • Limited space facilities
  • Gas stations

Go on and browse the selection to find the hand dryer that perfectly fits your needs.

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