Review 2022 – ThinMAX High Speed Hand Dryer - Brushed Stainless Steel (Satin)

Conventional or high-speed? Thick or thin? Hands-in or hands-out? Black plastic or stainless steel casing? There are more characteristics to consider when buying a hand dryer than one might initially think. After all, each hand dryer is designed to meet certain needs and preferences of the facility it will be installed in. Let’s streamline your decision-making process by reviewing one of our most favored models of hand dryers — the Maxdry ThinMAX High Speed Hand Dryer. 


ThinMAX high speed hand dryer in Brushed Stainless Steel (Satin) is also available in three other colors — black, white, and silver. With only 10cm in depth, this model is exceptional for washrooms with limited space since it does not stick out from the wall as much as most commercial hand dryers. Additionally, the ThinMAX is loaded with cutting-edge technology, including auto-adjusting distance sensors and powerful chip control technologies. It now also incorporates BlueZONE Blue UV Light, which directs hands to the optimal Drying Zone.


High-speed hand dryers are a little more costly than conventional hand dryers because they are state-of-the-art and have a different mode of operating. With this in mind, the ThinMAX isn’t something to consider on a budget, yet, it depends on what you’re comparing it to. For example, if you compare the price with conventional hand dryers, this model is pricier than the average conventional one. However, in comparison with an expensive brand that sells dryers upwards of $600, the ThinMAX is a cost-effective choice.


With the absence of a heating agent, high-speed hand dryers are able to completely dry hands in record time. The ThinMAX guarantees dry hands in 10-15 seconds maximum, which is twice as fast as any conventional hand dryer that drys hands within a range of 20-25 seconds. That’s what makes this model optimal for high-traffic washrooms and diminishes line formation by the dryer. 


All available models of the ThinMAX in brushed stainless steel are equipped with a vandal-proof casing. This isn’t simply a preference but rather a necessity since high-speed hand dryers are made to be used in high-traffic washrooms. The more traffic, the more the product is prone to face wear and tear. You certainly won’t have to worry about this model becoming easily damaged and requiring replacement months and even years down the line. 


To get the most out of your high-speed hand dryer, it’s best to install these models of hand dryers in high-traffic locations so that you don’t have lines forming in the washrooms. Here are a few of our recommended locations and facilities to install your ThinMAX:

  • Public disabled washrooms
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Airports
  • Bars
  • Offices
  • Other high traffic facilities

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