Hand Dryer Calculations and Installment Instructions

Are you planning to buy a professional automatic hand dryer for your restaurant or public facility washrooms? Well, the first thing you must do before installing it is to determine the potential load of people that will use it. There is a significant difference in power consumption and cost of hand dryers between various electrical outlets, so you have to figure out the electrical requirements of the unit. Does this sound overwhelming? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about hand dryer specifications and installation instructions before taking on the task of installing a hand dryer in your washroom. 

How To Install A Hand Dryer 

how to install a hand dryer

The installation process begins with connecting the hand dryer to the local power supply. How to wire a hand dryer exactly? As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to leave the wire work to a qualified electrician to avoid harming yourself or becoming tangled up in how to assemble it properly. If you have the means to opt for an electrician to wire a hand dryer, then, by all means, take this opportunity. If this isn’t possible at the moment and you must manually install your hand dryer with all the electrical work included, here are a few pointers to help out:

  • Never begin electrical work with the power on. Shut off all the direct electricity that flows into the room before beginning operations to avoid electrocution.

  • Your hand dryer likely came with an instruction manual with a step-by-step guide about how to wire it correctly. Refer to this guide if it is an available resource.

  • Pay close attention to the hand dryer specifications of your specific model before installation. For example, it’s crucial to determine the voltage of your facility pre-purchase since voltage cannot be converted afterward. 

Where to Place Hand Dryers in the Washroom

The hand dryer will be mounted on the wall: easy. In reality, it isn’t that simple when the time comes and you’re wondering where to install yours. You may actually know where to install it, but there are a few considerations you are likely to leave out unconsciously that you wish you would have known earlier. 

  • Avoid putting the hand dryer too far from the sink since this greatly reduces visitor experience. Visitors simply want to wash their hands, dry them and leave and this process should be possible to carry out like an assembly line. You don’t want people crossing sides and zig-zagging around others simply to dry their hands.

  • Another reason to mount a hand dryer at an appropriate distance from the sink is to avoid resulting in excessively wet and slippery floors. If visitors have to take more than a couple of steps to reach the hand dryer, their palms will drip water all over the floor. Expand this situation to a high traffic washroom and you will have a need for cleanup every hour.

  • Install the hand dryer at least a meter away from reflective walls or mirrors. This is prone to cursing loud echoes of the drying noise throughout the entire washroom which can be an unpleasant experience that is best to avoid if possible.

Hand Dryer Installation Height Varying by Type

Hand Dryer Installation Height Varying by Type

It is crucial to take into account your hand dryer installation height according to the hand dryer model you have chosen and the intended functionality within the washroom. Hand dryer height may seem like there must be a global average at first sight, but when taking into account various factors such as different designs and age groups of users, it can change drastically. For example, the mounting height is significantly different if the washroom is intended for use by children as opposed to adults in an office and whether or not you have a hands-in or hands-under drying model will also impact the height. What about conventional hand dryers or high speed hand dryers? The speed at which the hand dryer functions does not heavily impact the height that it is recommended to be installed at. 

Keep these standard hand dryer installation heights at hand for the next time you need them:

Hands-under Dryers:

  • Male washroom: 1170mm
  • Female washroom: 1120mm
  • Ages 4-7: 810mm
  • Ages 7-10: 910mm
  • Ages 10-13: 1020mm
  • Ages 13-17: 1120mm
  • Disabled facilities: 940mm

Hands-in Dryers

  • Male washroom: 1050mm
  • Female washroom: 975mm
  • Children’s washroom: 875mm
  • Disabled facilities: 875mm

With all of this information in mind, you’re bound to heighten the experience of your visitors and cut back on unanticipated issues emerging. Be aware of all your hand dryer specifications, calculations, and mounting techniques while leaving the technical installation to a professional if possible. Whether you’re installing a conventional hand dryer or a high speed hand dryer, it is necessary to pay attention to the angle at which the hands are aimed to approach the dryer. 

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